Gazing at bits and pieces of Winning Ways’ life


There were some interesting photos taken during the 365 days since the last Gallery was posted.


Some of them fall into distinct classifications, there are a series of photos of different aspects of Ranch Work, there are Equestrian photos from a profusion of diverse areas, there are photos taken at the Two Bar C and a few sequences of Added Attractions as well as Human Interest pictures.  

 The following slideshow will cover some Snippets of Winning Ways’ life, mostly critters but some scenery, food and people too.



Although this little pony isn't very big she does provide a great deal of enjoyment and new experiences.

The following photo essay shows how Missy progressed from learning “GEE” and “HAW” in her early training to being a show pony in 8 months!  She likes to learn and Amanda has a great deal of fun teaching her new things.  Having a typical pony’s unflappable nature certainly helps too.  Although Missy visited Syd, the gentleman donkey, this spring, the veterinarian could find no sign of a pregnancy so we will try again in 2019 to produce the cutest little mule ever.