P'n'F Equestrian Club

Play Day August 30, 2020

A Play Day is, just like its name suggests, an opportunity to do something that is more engaging for rider and horse than their usual training and work.  Riders get to showcase their connection with their horses in a less formal way than is expected in the Show Ring.  Good horsemanship and sportsmanship are still expected of all riders and good behaviour is expected of all horses.

All riders should consider wearing an ASTM properly fitted helmet during the Play Day and an approved helmet is mandatory for anyone under 18 years of age. Horses must be clean and neatly turned out, tack must be clean, properly fitted and in compliance with Equestrian Canada Rules and Regulations. Clean workmanlike attire, either English or Western, to match the horse’s tack is required of riders.


The divisions will be the same as the previous day: Senior, Junior and Walk/Trot (any age).  The morning classes will be The Obstacle Course and the Command Class. After lunch the following classes will be timed: W/T—Keyhole, Big M, Animal Rescue; Jr—Keyhole, Double Bowtie, Walk/Trot/Canter & Lead; Sr—Keyhole, Wild Lark, Hurry Scurry. There will be 2 team games where riders will be assigned to teams to compete against each other.

Class Descriptions


ALL High-touch areas (gate and bell) will be santitised after each rider group*.  Please bring your own cap/coat to place on posts for obstacle #5. Riders to place on a post when they enter, before riding through gate, and after ringing the bell, please take it with you.

*rider group = all riders from one ranch/coach who regularly co-mingle.

Obstacle Course:  elements from previous day’s Trail Class will be turned into a “parcours” or course through which riders must move efficiently and accurately to receive the best possible time.  Senior and Juniors may lope/canter but only if it will improve their overall time, W/T may only walk and jog/trot.  All elements will be numbered as in WE competition.  Failure to follow correct order will lead to elimination.  Two attempts at any one element, one missed element allowed (time penalty of 15 seconds will be  allocated). Third attempt or missed second element causes disqualification.


Command Class: riders are eliminated, one at a time at the discretion of the ring steward as commands are not executed correctly.  It is neither a race nor a gymkhana event. It is a competition that exhibits the abilities of a well-trained, responsive performance horse.  Commands will be suitable to the division participating and may include transitions to or from halt as well as backing or lateral movements.

Keyhole: participant rides down the arena, crossing the start/finish line, passing between the two pairs of cones, circles around the barrel, passes back through the 2 pairs of cones and crosses the s/f line. Circle around the barrel may be in either direction. Knocking over a cone causes disqualification.

Big M: rider crosses start/finish line, rides down to the barrel on the Left, makes a right-hand semi-circle, rides back to the center barrel, makes a left-hand semi-circle, rides down to the Right barrel, makes a right-hand semi-circle and crosses the finish line.  Pattern may be run in reverse i.e. left/right/left.  Failure to follow pattern or crossing finish line before completing pattern causes disqualification. Tipping a barrel—5 second penalty.

Animal Rescue:  riders cross start line, ride down arena to the barrel on which the animals have been placed, picks up ONE animal, bring it back and place it in bucket, continue this pattern until all animals have been “rescued” and rider/horse are back across finish line.  Horse handlers may pick up an animal dropped on the ground & hand to rider, at the barrel rider must pick up animal from top of barrel.

Double Bowtie:  riders cross start line, go between Left and Center barrels, right turn, go between Center and Right barrels, left-hand circle around Right barrel, go between Right and Center barrels, bend right around Center barrel, go between Center and Left barrel, right-hand circle around Left barrel, bend right around Center barrel and exit barrels between Center and Right barrels, cross finish line.  Failure to follow pattern or crossing finish line before completing pattern causes disqualification.  Tipping a barrel—5 second penalty.

Walk/Trot/Canter & Lead:  riders do exactly as the name suggests, ride at walk across the arena, ride back across in trot, ride across at canter, dismount and lead horse back to the finish.  Any break in gait (e.g. trotting instead of walking) and rider must return to fence and start again at the correct gait.

Wild Lark: riders cross between a pair of pylons weave around 3 barrels and return through another set of pylons to stop the time.  May be run starting on either side.  Tipping a barrel—5 second penalty.





Hurry Scurry:  The rider proceeds in a straight line over the jumps, around the barrel, over the remaining jump and back across the start/finish line.  This event is best done in an English saddle!!

Team Events 

Treat on a Spoon (bring your own spoon or use a disinfected one of ours) Horse Treats will be placed in buckets on barrels.  Each rider uses only their spoon to take a treat out of the bucket and carry it back over the Change-over-Line, next team member can then go to bucket and retrieve a treat.  Once back to team side of the Line, team members can feed their treat to their horse.  If rider drops their treat on the way back to their team, they must return to bucket and get another treat and carry it all the way back to their team before the next team member can go.


Tic Tac Toe Each team starts the same distance away from the grid on opposite sides, behind the Change-over-Line. Coin-toss to decide which team begins play. One player from each team rides to the grid and places a bristle brush (THE X MARKER) OR a rubber curry (THE O MARKER) [grooming tools to be brought by each participant] into a square. They return across the Change-over-Line so the next person can take the second object. This process repeats until one team gets 3 squares in a row.

Schedule of Events

Obstacles  Sr, Jr, W/T

Command W/T, Jr, Sr

Keyhole Sr, Jr, W/T

Big M  W/T

Animal Rescue  W/T

Double Bowtie     Jr

Wild Lark Sr

Walk/Trot/Canter & Lead  Jr

Hurry Scurry  Sr

Treat on a Spoon Team


Tic Tac Toe  Team