2020 Photos

There are fewer photos to choose from when there were far fewer visitors to take great pictures.  The visitors who were here, had some wonderful cameras, and took pictures to immortalize many moments. Thank you photographers!!

      I will add more stories and photos over the winter as I get time to create.


We are used to Gwen being a living scarf, but she has added a new designation to her repertoire. She took to sitting on top of the eggs in their boxes where they are stored in the hallway, we even had to add a cover to protect the boxes from the new "sitting hen (cat)"!  Gwen is very out of sorts this fall because the two old cats, Annie and Sumo, got moved into the house. Later Joker appeared to have an abscess in his paw and we had to bring him in and administer medication.  So now there are FOUR cats in my house!!