Equine Ventures

Winning Ways has been a working ranch since 1980 with grass/cattle marketing its main focus for most of those years.  Kelly Friedrich has been a rancher for her whole life and has mentored many young people who were also interested in this way of life.


In 2012 she downsized the cattle herd and decided to pursue an expanded role for the other livestock on the ranch. She has always been interested in the profoundly unique experience of horses helping humans in more than the average day to day ranch work.  Horses and all the other critters on the ranch seemed to have a special attraction for many of the people who have visited over the years.


The concept of animals assisting with human learning is now a popular method of helping in the education and healing of people around the world. Winning Ways has animals that can be used in this capacity and Kelly’s interest in this type of experience made it a natural direction in which to redirect the business.