Winning Ways helps folks find out more about the world and themselves.  Inner peace, relaxation, connection with nature and your own inner spirit can be found at Winning Ways. It's a gate to a whole new world - all you need to do is walk through. You’re always welcome at Winning Ways.

Looking for directions to the ranch?  Scroll to the bottom of this page!  This website contains a great deal of information and a great number of pictures!  When you check it out for the first time, you may need a little guidance.  Those who would like to learn more about horses and riding can look under the Equine adVentures Horse Activities tab.  If you want to learn more about yourself through interaction with the animals check under the Animal Assisted Learning tab.  Those who would like to have an opportunity to explore experiential learning with the equines review the Equine Assisted Wellness section under the Horse Activities tab.  Those who are looking for a volunteer ranching experience examine all the pages under the Volunteer tab.  Family members, friends and alumni can check out the annual Updates, the Photo Gallery or the Blog Pages.  Of general interest there is commentary on the residents of Winning Ways both Human and Animal.

The New Year's message

It’s January 1, 2022, New Year’s Day!  You won’t hear me give you the traditional greeting for this day because I want to wish you something from my heart.  Several years ago, I suggested, in my Annual Update posted on this Winning Ways website, that my readers follow the advice of Roger Miller.  Roger Miller was a very creative singer/songwriter when I was a child.  I remember and know many of his songs but the one I am thinking about, is “You Can't Roller Skate With a Buffalo Herd”.  Look it up on Goggle if you haven’t heard it!

Roger Miller was known for putting wise advice in many of his songs.  The suggestion I’m recommending you take to heart is:

You can't drive around with a tiger in your car
But you can be happy if you've a mind to
All you gotta do is put your mind to it
Knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it

The world of 2021 was challenging, uncertain and very confusing for most of the world’s human population.  However, I am recommending that we dwell on the moments we can be proud of in the past 12 months.  Moments when YOU did something, accomplished something, said something, or avoided doing/saying something; big or small moments that YOU feel pleased or satisfied with in your life. Make a list of 10 or 12 such moments and then notice how you feel.  That feeling is what you want to produce more of in 2022, proud moments are to be celebrated.

Enjoy the simple things in life, usually they are all around you and frequently all you need to pay is attention. Enjoy the blue of the sky, when it’s covered with clouds, look for the sun to peek through and cheer you. Enjoy a physical feeling in your body, whether it’s the sting of cold water in the shower, the taste of hot coffee slipping down your throat, the smell of a great meal, or the sound of your favourite artist’s voice.  Happiness in the moment comes from these simple things. 

Practice gratitude for all the moments, big and small, that you are happy, even for only a few minutes.  Funny thing about this gratitude practice is that it trains our minds to look for more happy moments.  Our minds notice what  we choose to find important and then bring to our attention more and more of that which important to us.  In this case moments of happiness.  So, using your gratitude practice to train your mind to find happy moments, you can be happy if you've a mind to!

Here’s my wish for all my friends for 2022.  May you choose daily to notice the happy moments of your life, celebrate the proud moments and train yourself to have the happiest 12 months of 2022 that you can enjoy!  You can be happy if you've a mind to.


Winter is upon us!


Snow and cold have come once more to the ranch, creating a beautiful landscape but requiring much more management of all the critters.  Water bowls and bales need to be checked daily.  The livestock that require daily handfeeding give chores a whole new meaning, as the chore person slogs through the snow.



Above: The field horses were happy to head to a new paddock and find lots to eat hidden under the snow.


Please check the Updates

The 2021 Update has been posted!!

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Winning Ways produces beef and lamb, and these are available as “Producer to Consumer” sales.  If you are interested in some delicious, naturally fed and raised without additional hormones, meat products please contact Kelly for your lamb and beef. Kelly’s culinary advice/ suggestions will be found on a new page on this website.  Check out Kelly’s Kitchen!!

 "The Promise" by James A. Meger Oil, 18" x 12"
"The Promise" by James A. Meger Oil, 18" x 12"

We hope that a visit to Winning Ways will steer you to a whole new world.  Soaring past the last year and enjoying the next adventure.



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"By managing natural resources in an environmentally sustainable manner we provide for the needs of our family so that we have an opportunity to help others in the larger community."



Winning Ways is a family owned and operated business located in the Northern Boreal Forest of (north) western Saskatchewan. This grey-wooded soil area was originally forested but now most of the land is cleared. However, Winning Ways has lease land that is a mixture of forest, lake shore, swamp and grassland which provides incredibly beautiful scenes for trail riders. The equine venture consists of several school horses, various types of tack and equipment for equine assisted wellness, lessons and trail rides. The ranch is home to about 100 commercial cows, their calves and about 20 head of horses.


Ranching has been a life style in this area for over 100 years, although this land has only been owned by the Friedrich family for about 90 years.  Great-great Grandpa and Grandma Friedrich immigrated to Saskatchewan in the late 1920’s and eventually became farmers in the Morin Creek area in the 1930’s. The ranch historian, Howard Brown, will be glad to entertain visitors with stories of a by-gone era.  Harold and Evangeline had the land as a mixed farm for many years and it was only after they moved to Meadow Lake that the farming enterprises ceased and the ranch was born. Newton and Kelly operated the ranch between them. Since Newton’s passing, Kelly has continued the ranching operation but is moving toward the equine venture becoming the dominant enterprise at Winning Ways.


Directions to the ranch

Winning Ways is located southwest of Meadow Lake, between Highway #304 on the south and Highway #55 on the north--the ranch headquarters are located on the east side of the curve in the Range Road 3190/3185 known as the 'cut across road' between Highways #304 & #55.  There is a sign at the gate indicating "Winning Ways"


Directions to Winning Ways:


Coming from Meadow Lake: south on Hwy 4 to Hwy 304 Junction, turn west (right), 17 km west on Hwy 304, turn north (right) on to RR 3190, 3 km north on RR 3190, turn east (right) into driveway just past road sign “3190 ENDS 3185 BEGINS”


Coming from Glaslyn and points south you will be going north on Hwy 4, at the Hwy 304 Junction [Highway to Makwa & Loon Lake] turn west (left), 17 km west on Hwy 304, turn north (right) on to RR 3190, 3 km north on RR 3190, turn east (right) into driveway just past road sign “3190 ENDS 3185 BEGINS”


Coming from Meadow Lake Provincial Park via Dorintosh: south on Hwy 4 to the Hwy 55 Junction, turn west (right), 6.4 km west on Hwy 55, turn south (left) on to RR 3185, 9.6 km south on RR 3185, turn east (left) into driveway just past road sign “3185 ENDS 3190 BEGINS”


Coming from Makwa, Lloydminster and points south west: 17 km east of Makwa on Hwy 304, turn north (left) on to RR 3190, 3 km north on RR 3190, turn east (right) into driveway just past road sign “3190 ENDS 3185 BEGINS”


Coming from Rapid View, Pierceland and points north west you will be going east on Hwy 55, 8 km east of Rapid View, turn south (right) on to RR 3185, 9.6 km south on RR 3185, turn east (left) into driveway just past road sign “3185 ENDS 3190 BEGINS”