Winning Ways helps folks find out more about the world and themselves.  Inner peace, relaxation, connection with nature and your own inner spirit can be found at Winning Ways. It's a gate to a whole new world - all you need to do is walk through. You’re always welcome at Winning Ways.

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Winter Program 2024

Horse Ownership Classes

Information on Horse Ownership will be presented by Kelly Friedrich, EC Licensed Riding Coach, through 4 classes during January and February 2024. This will consist of 2 theoretical classes and 2 practical classes.

The next Horse Ownership Forum will be held February 17, 1:30 p.m. at the Lutheran Church Hall in Meadow Lake with guest Chris Skarvon speaking about Emergency Preparedness for the Horse Owner. Kelly will cover Horse Health, Costs and Planning for the Unexpected.

The final Forum will be on March 2, 1:30 p.m. at the Meadow Lake Stockyards with discussion of Horse Nutrition, Transportation and Safety.  The Meadow Lake Co-op Agro Centre will be on hand with feed supplies, horse equipment and answers about any of their products. 

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Could a visit to Winning Ways calm your spirit?  Could connection with the horse herd help you to feel empowered? Could you benefit from some release of stress or relief from grief?  The Winning Ways herd would like you to answer YES to all of the above questions. Please click below to find out about Equine Assisted Learning sessions at Winning Ways.

ISO Adults and children who would love to learn more about  HORSES!


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Horsemanship, Riding Lessons, Riding Out,


Animal / Equine Assisted Learning


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Winning Ways produces beef and lamb, and these are available as “Producer to Consumer” sales.  If you are interested in some delicious, naturally fed and raised without additional hormones, meat products please contact Kelly for your lamb and beef. Kelly’s culinary advice/ suggestions will be found on a new page on this website.  Check out Kelly’s Kitchen!!


Winning Ways is a family owned and operated business located in the Northern Boreal Forest of (north) western Saskatchewan. This grey-wooded soil area was originally forested but now most of the land is cleared. However, Winning Ways has lease land that is a mixture of forest, lake shore, swamp and grassland which provides incredibly beautiful scenes for trail riders. The equine venture consists of several school horses, various types of tack and equipment for equine assisted wellness, lessons in the arena and on the trails. The ranch is home to about 70 commercial cows, their calves and over 20 head of horses.


Ranching has been a life style in this area for over 100 years, although this land has only been owned by the Friedrich family for about 90 years.  Great-great Grandpa and Grandma Friedrich immigrated to Saskatchewan in the late 1920’s and eventually became farmers in the Morin Creek area in the 1930’s. The ranch historian, Howard Brown, will be glad to entertain visitors with stories of a by-gone era.  Harold and Evangeline had the land as a mixed farm for many years and it was only after they moved to Meadow Lake that the farming enterprises ceased and the ranch was born. Newton and Kelly operated the ranch between them. Since Newton’s passing, Kelly has continued the ranching operation but is moving toward the equine venture becoming the dominant enterprise at Winning Ways.


We hope that a visit to Winning Ways will steer you to a whole new world.  Soaring past the last few years and enjoying the next adventure.

 "The Promise" by James A. Meger Oil, 18" x 12"
"The Promise" by James A. Meger Oil, 18" x 12"


"By managing natural resources in an environmentally sustainable manner we provide for the needs of our family so that we have an opportunity to help others in the larger community."