There are a variety of posts in this photo essay, dog sled races, moose, rodeo, ML Park, 'tosh and 2 parades!  All things that our crew experienced in 2018.

Dog Sled Races

Every year the local Dog Mushers put on Sled Dog Racing in either Loon Lake or Meadow Lake or both.  In 2018 the races were held on the lake at Loon Lake.  The Winning Ways & Meeds Meadows crews were there to lend a hand.  I mean that literally, hands-on, holding dogs, dropping flags and reading stop watches.  The most impressive aspect of a Dog Race is the start, IT’S VERY NOISY!!  Once away, the dogs run happily and quietly but there is absolute bedlam at the start. 


2018 was a year of more than usual moose sightings. I have documented a couple here but I believe that different helpers saw some more.  It started in February--we were going down the road toward the Two Bar C when we saw some something large and black moving in the ditch near the fence.  We thought one of George’s cows had escaped and we would have to chase her down the road to return her to the yard.  However, as we got closer, we realized that while it was a cow, it was not a bovine and we weren’t going to chase HER!  The large cow moose jumped over the fence into one of the paddocks and lumbered off through the snow.

Later, in the summer, we had just come out of the North Ranch when I spotted another cow moose standing just south of the gate.  She was very cooperative and hung around for about 5 minutes while I took some photos.  It was another time I was looking for a tele-photo lens!  Then we had another photo op in the fall, when all the hunters were out in full force looking for a bull moose.  THERE was a bull moose standing right along the Hildebrand Road as we drove by on the way to the North Ranch.  I’m sure if I’d been hunting, I would have had time to take a shot.  I know the volunteers with me had time to take several photos.  Unfortunately, I forgot to remind them to send me a picture.

Bonnyville Rodeo

During the summer our volunteers try to find a local rodeo to attend.  There are rodeos all summer it just takes some Goggle searching to find the closest one.  Some of the helpers travelled to Bonnyville, Alberta with the Meeds Meadows crew to watch a rodeo there in July 2018.

Fun in the Park


Part of the crew went to the Meadow Lake Provincial Park and enjoyed the different lakes and trails available there.

Later the McLeans and the crew and I went to visit Howard at his Tall Timber Trails camp near Mattheson Lake.  He treated everyone to a great experience of swimming in the lake with his horses.  Since it was a lovely warm evening everyone had a great deal of fun!  The hamburgers later tasted great too.

Crew at ‘tosh

There is a small village just outside the Provincial Park called Dorintosh.  One of the entrepreneurs in that community has a Hotel and Bar called the Parkland.  Every Thursday evening there is a Steak Nite, the Bar has TWO steak grills on which the clientele cook their own steaks to their satisfaction.  In the summer, Friday nights also become Steak Nite, since the place is overflowing.  The common expression in this area is to say “You wanna go to ‘tosh for steaks?”  That is what the Winning Ways crew did one August Thursday evening. 

Meadow Lake Rodeo Parade

The start of Rodeo Week, at the beginning of June in Meadow Lake, is the annual Rodeo Parade.  The Winning Ways crew has participated in this for many years, and 2018 was no exception.  The students and volunteers ride, the truck is decorated and driven along the parade route and hopefully there is a photographer to document the whole affair.


In case you don't think there were other groups in the Parade, this photo shows Jimmy's group along the Parade route.... Jimmy is Jackie's son.