2019 is a year of changes!

Winning Ways acquired some new horses this spring.  Some came because their owners were no longer able to ride them, some because they needed training and one because she was not suitable for the owner.

The newbies will no doubt show up in stories on these web pages.

Our part-time ranch-hand, Amanda, moved to Meadow Lake!

Amanda moved from Ontario to Meadow Lake in the fall of 2016 and helped at Winning Ways since then.  Amanda has a background in the dairy industry, her family has a dairy in the Hamilton area.  She is familiar with calving cows and feeding calves from her dairy experience.  Amanda and her father were also very involved in Heavy Horse showing when she was younger.  She still enjoys driving a team and frequently helps Howard MacCuish with his wagon and sleigh rides.  Amanda likes to ride when she has an opportunity, sometimes she finds the terrain here a bit challenging (willow bushes and hills were not that common in the dairy's pastures.)   


Amanda had never been on a Cattle Drive before arriving at Winning Ways but has joined a few since coming here.  She had fun for three winters training horses to drive, first she worked with Diesel, then Missy and the winter of 2018/19 she trained both Mr. Big and Velvet so that they could go in the Rodeo Parade.  She always says it’s easy and the horses seem to do very well with her.


Amanda now works full-time at the local Tim Horton’s (she’s the one you give your Drive-thru order to). Erratic work schedules led her to choose less driving and more sleeping and so she moved into the “city”. Occasionally she lends a hand around the ranch with all sorts of chores and helps our international visitors become acquainted with ranch life.  She even got a few bruises at the 2019 June Branding.