The Photo Gallery

Every year there are so many awesome photos taken by friends, helpers and now even by me, that I felt there should be a place to display them.  The folks that come here with phenomenal cameras and that eye for composition make great photos into the awesome ones.

Former volunteers if you have a photo that deserves to be in this gallery please send it along and I will add it to the appropriate page.

I will put up a few different years eventually but for now I'll just do 2017

I love the colors and the composition of this picture.  It reminds me of the painting on my wall where you can find the faces.

The lone bison in a winter wonderland--pristine and uncluttered!

Just one of those moments that is so great to capture in a picture.  I'm sure the young lady will remember the feeling of connection with the horses.

Again the colors and composition appeal to me. Thanks Axel!

The quintessential "girl and her horse"!