several Rock Stars ....





     Retired Rock Star



Medium weight riders only, with extreme confidence

Dale has been a ranch horse all his life, he likes to GO, the faster the better.  We are having trouble explaining to him that he has reached retirement age and that he should consider taking it easy.  He does walk on a loose rein now so he must be taking our advice.  Dale is extremely sensitive to the rider’s mood.  If the rider is in pain, upset or worried he will become agitated. If the rider gets impatient with the cows or another human, Dale will be bouncing with impatience as well.  However, if you trust Dale to take care of you and just relax, he will get  the job done with a minimum of fuss and bother and in a timely fashion. Dale is an absolute gentleman about grooming and hoof cleaning.  He appreciates praise but no fussing please.  These days he has become a great teacher to learn more about yourself.


Yes, they are brothers!



       Macho Man 


Intermediate to experienced riders Kosmo is semi-retired so he may not be here on the ranch but at the neighbours’

This Appaloosa gelding is sometimes hard to catch, however, once caught, he is a quiet horse, patient and good with people. Kosmo is another “GO” horse, both in the arena and outside in the pasture. He can be ridden out on his own, but he doesn't really like it. He is good with moving cows, and on trail rides. Kosmo lets you easily pick up his hooves and work on them. Unfortunately, a few years ago Kosmo injured his ankle and now has arthritis in it.  Like Dale we try to have him in semi-retirement, so he only does short rides and lessons. Kosmo is not a cuddly or huggy type of horse!! 




   Retired Rock Star


Suitable for adult beginners who have confidence & youth who want to try the big fellow

Mook is a 17 hand (173 cm.) field hunter who, due to some age related issues, is no longer sound.  He is great for cuddling, grooming and walking.  Some days Mook is sound enough to trot, other days he is not. He was always curious and brave and still is unfazed by incidents that leave the “scaredy cats” quaking on their 4 hooves.  He is a very strong horse who is wonderful at reminding more advanced students to appreciate the power of our equine counterparts. That realization can sometimes be scary. Although he is huge, he really is a very friendly and kind old gentleman enjoying his retirement.




      Steady Eddy


Confident, intentional riders will be fine, no day dreamers!

Velvet is a pinto, which means she has white hairs splashed on her body (right lower belly).  She is usually a good-natured horse, who can be a lunge line horse, a regular school horse, a trail horse or a ranch horse.  Velvet is lazy but not to the point of wanting to stand still.  In fact, she is very demanding that people pay attention to HER!  She frequently digs with her front feet (pawing) when she does not get her food or a vigorous brushing as soon as she thinks she should.  She is particularly good on the lunge line and listens to the “horse handler” well.  When she goes out to check cows, she might not be the fastest, but she does her job well, if she must chase a cow.  If Velvet’s rider does not have a clear picture in their mind of where they wish to go and what they wish to do, Velvet will do her own thing—go back to the tie post!   Velvet definitely enjoys grooming and attention.




       A Goddess



Carino will be going to train with Vawn this spring

This little chestnut mare is another one of those who can easily gain too much weight and loose her withers.  Withers keep a saddle in place, so they are very necessary.  Carino has been on a calorie restricted diet most of 22/23 winter and she looks a great deal better to a rider now.  Last year we discovered that she needed more basic training and Winning Ways was fortunate to have an experienced rider who could give her that.  Vawn will continue that training this spring and summer.

Miniature equines

these next two are Rock Stars too!!




Personality:  I'm  Rock Star what else?


Ground Work and

Driving Pony

Missy is a very big personality in a very small body!  She is a busy character and must be doing something or she’s not happy.  Standing still without having something to eat is not likely. Missy would like to be bossy but that is not allowed at Winning Ways, so she must do as she is told.  Her small size makes her manageable by most determined children and all adults who realise they must be the leader and not Missy. She can be groomed and led for Ground Work lessons and she looks very good in harness with a cart.  I the winter she pulls the sled or the GT to provide fun and entertainment for helpers and even Kelly.  Oh yes, Missy can do tricks for treats! 

Mr Big



Personality: Just like mom, I'm a Rock Star


Groundwork and Driving Pony

MR Big is even more sure than Missy, his Mom, that he is the MOST IMPORTANT critter on the ranch!! He is remarkably busy and very demanding of everyone’s time and energy. MR is not the easiest little pony for children to handle but if he is busy eating, he will stand still to be groomed.  Teaching MR something new keeps his handler busy because he catches on to most ideas very quickly. Like his Mom, MR Big goes well in harness and loves to do tricks.  He’s even participated in a Skijoring Competition!

Dharma  (last but sure not least)



Personality:   Wall Flower



Confidence Builder

Dharma is the sweetest equine at Winning Ways.  She is also very shy and timid.  However, if MR Big makes her angry enough, she will defend herself. Dharma loves attention and will stop eating to come to a human she trusts and ask for some scratches.  Most children can lead Dharma, and everyone can groom her.  She is kind and gentle and she expects to be treated that way.  If someone breaks her trust, then she has a very long memory for anyone who may have mistreated her.  When Dharma arrived at Winning Ways, she was extremely overweight.  She has lost much of the excess fat, but some fat is still wobbling in the top part of her neck.  It does make Dharma look odd.  But that sweet face and gentle eye captivate all our visitors.  Dharma has a wonderful voice and can be vocal if her friends are not with her.