Riding Lessons

Summer Camp
Summer Camp

Winning Ways has been providing the opportunity for interested horse persons to learn and develop horsemanship and riding skills through a series of programs since 1999. These programs were developed for students to learn safe horsemanship practices and riding skills at a national standard, under the guidance of a certified coach. 


A participant in a Winning Ways Horsemanship &/or Riding Program will learn safe handling of horse, and basic riding skills in their first lessons. Later they may progress to novice, intermediate or advanced riding skills; psychology of horses and riders; stable management; care and feeding of horses; bandaging for first aid, travel and exercise; lunging of horse and rider/horse; unsoundness and sickness; safety for riders and horses; competition rules and etiquette; trail riding rules and etiquette. 


Winning Ways seeks to provide an environment that is enjoyable, safe and where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. 

Are you interested in the horses who teach?  Winning Ways has some old favourite school masters who have been educating humans for nearly 20 years.  Yes! Tango and Dale are 29, Shadow is 28, Kosmo is 27, Teddy is 25, Mook is 24 and there are a several in their late teens.  Experience and wisdom abound in this herd.  There are some youngsters coming along and they will have BIG horseshoes to fill! Click buttons to find the horses who teach.

Congratulations to the riders who received their Bronze Certificates!!

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