Horse Time

Horse Lovers at Winning Ways may spend time with the equines on the ranch and just enjoy them for the pure pleasure of being with an equine friend--Horse Time.  Many of our students and their parents will tell you how much they enjoy getting away from the city, the routine, the schedules and relaxing in the ranch setting.  Horses are great stress absorbers and gentle companions who can require verbal reassurance; a scratch, a rub or a vigorous brushing will be gratefully accepted and appreciated.  Food offerings should be kept to a minimum except when taking a horse out to graze.

Horse Time (1.5 hours minimally supervised ground work only, no riding) will be available during the Winter Break (weather permitting!) for former students who can meet accreditation requirements.   Saturday afternoons from April 8 onwards a maximum of 6 horses will be available at one time; 2 Horseshoe Members will be able to share a horse during Horse Time if there are more than 6 Horseshoe Members at one time. 

Horse Time  is open to former students and all horse lovers who become accredited at Winning Ways.  Mini Camp courses April 10-15, 2023 will cover all the basics to accredit either newcomers or refresh former students.  Accreditation can be removed at the discretion of the supervisor for failure to follow safety rules.  To become accredited horse lovers need to display safety around horses at all times, exhibit knowledge of horse's fear, flight and fight zones, and demonstrate proper handling of equipment & horse when grooming and leading.  Colts will find their horse already caught and tied for them. Novices and Up may be allowed to catch the horse assigned to them.