Equi-Health  Canada

Equine First Aid Course

hours of Hands on with horses!

Equine First Aid is the first available treatment for a horse

before a veterinarian can attend to the animal.

Equine First Aid saves the lives of horses.  When minutes count, you need to know how to make the most of every second!

All First Aid courses are hands on with horses and cover:

Pain detection, pain prevention, how to flush foreign bodies out of eyes, hoof puncture wounds, thrush, scratches, abscess, white line disease

Digestive emergencies - colic, choke; Lacerations; Collapse

What's normal and what's not normal for your horse

What your vet needs to know when you call with an emergency

Pantry solutions that just might save money on vet bills and medication costs!


Also - you will receive a first aid manual that includes:

What's Abnormal/What’s Normal (+Vital signs chart), When to Call for Assistance, Wounds, Bandaging, Collapse, Shock, Poison, Burns, Lameness, Nail puncture, Interference, Wrapping legs, Colic, Choke, Eye Injuries, Nose Bleed, Stings and Bites, Heat Stroke, First Aid Supplies needed...


Cost for the Equine First Aid course is $149 plus GST

A parent/child discount is offered at $99 plus GST


There is a 3hr course available for those under 12 yrs. Please look under "I CAN HELP" for young horse lovers on the menu.


To host a First Aid Course or register please contact Kelly: kelly@winningways.ca

First Aid Course at Spruce Row Stables, Leoville
First Aid Course at Spruce Row Stables, Leoville