What to do and when!?


March to June

Emmy holding calf for branding
Emmy holding calf for branding

- daily yard chores

- feeding dogs, cats and other small critters

- feeding bales (cutting strings, unrolling) to all animals

- putting miles on saddle horses before calving & lessons start

- checking cows and calves several times a day

- tagging newborn calves daily

- helping students learn about horses

- feeding bottle calves or teaching calves to suck a new or ornery cow

- milking a cow (sometimes)

- pulling a calf (sometimes)

- branding calves 

- vaccinating cows

- help with cattle drives


July to September

Oliver, Nancy and Pieter
Oliver, Nancy and Pieter

- riding horses

- yard maintenance

- fence repair

- trail clearing

- help with riding lessons and taking care of riding students

- train young or inexperienced horses

- feed dogs, cats, horses, bottle calves or lambs

- check cow herd 2-3 times a week

- move cattle herds when needed

- lead and assist with trail rides


Mid September to Mid November

- fixing fences (wire and wooden)

- checking cows (water, grass and cows health)

- riding horses, teaching horses

- help preparing horses for riding lessons

- help students learn about horses

- feed dogs, cats, foster calves and lambs

- moving cows, selling cows and/or calves

- vaccinating calves

- cattle drives


Mid November to Mid March

- weaning calves from cows

- vaccinating yearlings

- help with pregnancy check, sorting cows

- moving bales, feeding bales, cutting strings

- checking water bowls

- feeding oats to calves

- feeding dogs, cats and other small critters

- fixing fences if necessary