What can you learn at Winning Ways?


Well what you learn at Winning Ways depends on what YOU want to learn.  You might want to learn how to speak English better, or how to ride a horse or how to handle cows, but...you will always learn MORE than 'just' that!
You will learn to speak English, be industrious, control horses and cows and other animals, to cook and bake, to milk cows and have lots of other experiences in and around the yard and ranch. But the most important part the majority of the helpers and students learn is not what they expected in the first place. You learn to overcome fear of horses and other animals, to be independent, be responsible, to trust yourself and others, to follow your instinct --you will learn a lot about yourself!


Comments from a number of helpers that have experienced life at Winning Ways:


“gave me back my passion for horses” Rozen


“got to know myself better” Shao


“I experienced every emotion joy, laughter, anger, frustration, loneliness and fear....time here will be invaluable to my own personal development” Naill


“learnt to follow my instincts, given the opportunity to trust more in others” Cristina


“taught me how to be myself again” Karianne


“...the faith you put into me and my work, opportunities you gave me to learn new things and practise my skills...” Jenya


"Thank you for the time at your place and your trust in me to do the right choices, Somewhere I did take the right way."  Lucas several years after his stay at Winning Ways.