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About the Humans

Kelly Friedrich

Rancher, Facilitator, Instructor, Coach and Host


Hi! I'm Kelly, facilitator at Winning Ways, where horses do the teaching. We help kindergarten cowgirls, recreation-oriented families, stress reducing Millennials, life seekers and those with cognitive impairment  learn about how to be firm but gentle; how to be patient & compassionate; how to get the job done and not quit partway  through; how to win and how to loose, and most of all how to LOVE.




Kelly Friedrich has her Equestrian Canada certification as an English Instructor and a Western Coach. She is also an Equi-Health Canada Equine First Aid Instructor, is certified as an Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach and is an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator.


Kelly has gained much of her expertise over the past 40 years by working with many different ages of students including Kindergarten cowgirls, who are just starting their love-affair with horses, to grandmothers, who may be coming back to their first love in life, the horse. She spent 6 years working with college students in SIAST’s Equine Studies program, as well as 30+ years as a 4-H Light Horse Leader (Youth Leadership Organization).

Over the past 15 years Kelly has been a host and mentor for young people from around the world who were interested in seeing ranch life in north-western Saskatchewan.  She continues to upgrade her theory and skills by regularly attending clinics and workshops.  In all of her work human and horse safety are stressed at all times!  




Brownie - handyman for everything

Howard Brown aka Brownie is a retired friend who lives in his own house on the ranch. He mows the lawn, shovels snow in the winter and fixes everything that is made out of wood. He always gives us advice when we want to build something and he has the right tools and equipment to do so. He knows the history of Canada, the Friedrich family and his own of course, and he loves to share his stories. He loves everything involved with chocolate and he takes pride in his name Brownie.

Amanda-  Tim Horton's employee & part-time ranchhand

Amanda moved from Ontario to Meadow Lake in the fall of 2016 and has been helping out at Winning Ways since then.  Amanda has a background in the dairy industry, her family has a dairy in the Hamilton area.  She is familiar with calving cows and feeding calves from her dairy experience.  Amanda and her father were also very involved in Heavy Horse showing when she was younger.  She still enjoys driving a team and frequently helps Howard MacCuish with his wagon and sleigh rides.  Amanda likes to ride when she has an opportunity, sometimes she finds the terrain here a bit challenging (willow bushes and hills were not that common in the dairy's pastures.)   She had never been on a Cattle Drive before arriving at Winning Ways but has joined a few since coming here.  Amanda lends a hand around the ranch with all sorts of chores and helps our international visitors become acquainted with ranch life.




There are many volunteers at Winning Ways.  Some come from down the road or another Canadian province, while others have traveled across the world to join us.  The national and  international helpers/volunteers add a new dimension to the learning that takes place at Winning Ways.  Horsemanship/Riding students learn about different cultures and see others who are from far away countries, while they are learning about horses and themselves.  We hope that the horsemanship/riding students will leave Winning Ways with a new perspective of themselves, others and the world.  While “it’s a whole new world”, it's a lot smaller than you think.