Meditation in Motion

Trail Riding, enjoying friends, the beauty of peaceful, natural  surroundings, becoming grounded, plus a little bit of meditation is a great way to relax and bring life back into balance.  Quiet rides designed to relieve stress and restore calmness and poise in your life as well as peace of mind. Trail rides through the forest, along the lake shore and across pasture land. Watch a sunset, a new born calf, or grazing deer. Listen to the geese, the coyote’s howl or the wind whispering in the trees. Feel the change in the air as you descend to the lake shore, the rocking movement of the horse beneath you and the relaxation of your neck and shoulders as you let nature bring back childlike wonder of all that surrounds you.


We would like to offer our friends Sunday afternoon Meditation in Motion Trail Rides.  If you would prefer an evening Trail Ride, to watch the sunset, that can be arranged.  Each weekend will have a different theme.  Actual time on the trail will vary from 1-2 hours, depending on the experience and comfort level of the riders.  We'd like to have time for friendly camaraderie after the ride to exchange thoughts and ideas.  If you wish to come with your own horse, we require it be quiet and well mannered in the company of other horses.  Visiting horses will require a negative Coggins Test.


Minimum 48 hour notice necessary. All riders are required to wear hard soled footwear with a heel to prevent foot from passing through a stirrup. Helmets are recommended for all riders, but mandatory for anyone under 18 years of age.



Reduce stress in your life

with horseback riding!


Meditation in Motion Trail Rides (2 hours)

minimum of 3 riders--max. 6 riders $50/rider